Where did the slogan “Train with purpose not habit” come from?

While it is a self explanatory sentence in itself. I need to address why I use it and furthermore, why there is a need to.

In a nut shell: It’s what Momentum Performance is about- Purpose !

Train for a purpose and not just out of monotonous habit of “this is good for me”. In certain circumstances, protocols can even be counterproductive and more often than not only beneficial by association or chance.

More does not equate to more.”Hard work always pays off”, a more accurate saying is “Smart work always pays off”. An example for anyone whoever played a team sport would be familiar with is a scenario as follows:

  • Your team trains twice a week, there is a match typically at the weekend.
  • Your team is progressing well, you get into a championship/final due to be played next month. What happens next?
  • You train more frequently (3-4 times a week) and harder (greater intensity), and these parameters increase the closer you get to the match week by week.

This is a very common yet flawed method.

To those of you who are new to Momentum Performance, check out our list of Services & About Us. My mission is to increase awareness and spread evidence based science on all things nutrition, exercise, performance and health related.

Welcome to the multi-billion euro industry that preys on people’s insecurities and gullibility i.e. “Lose 10lb in 2 weeks”, thankfully scepticism is on the rise. You can now become a personal trainer in a matter of hours be it over a handful of weekends or even online, concerning to say the least. We have class instructors/personal trainers coming out on conveyor belts, with limited knowledge and little to no science background. Who more often than not set off into the industry as is, resulting in a very diluted field. While on the outside looking it, to the untrained eye, it all looks similar as just exercise/training.

The lack of regulation within the industry is……another day’s work.

There is a need to address a variety of related elements on this topic (current status of the health & fitness industry, marketing ploys of companies/trainers, Strength & Conditioning Vs PT, 6 weeks Vs Science etc, etc) but one topic at a time.

Some top performance coaches use the quote: “Any idiot can make another idiot tired”.

“Specific, tailored, customised” are great buzz words used by a lot of “coaches”, in the ever-growing fitness industry, there are many who apparently have it all yet couldn’t begin to interpret a scientific journal let alone understand it, apply a practical application or even reference it correctly.

Lets take “sports specific” as an example, specificity is one of the most basic concepts required within any training program. Of course, there are common attributes and qualities any athlete needs to perform in any sport. These fundamental qualities are not targeted or tailored to a specific sport. The differences are easy to identify for a lower level athlete versus a higher level athlete, the higher level athlete is often bigger, faster, stronger and more skilful, simple. However, what separates the athletes within the higher levels when they are all big, fast, strong and skilful?

The higher you climb in competition level within any sport, the smaller the gap is between athletes, therefore any edge over your competitors is of major significance. It is the adaptations specific to their desired sport (demands) that distinguish superior competitors form others.

Have a look at your local classes or PTs. Typical advertising is along the lines of “Get stronger, faster, fitter, more agile, better flexibility, powerful all while burning fat and adding muscle in our XYZ class/ fat blaster 2000 1to1 session”. Amazing eh ? 

Training blindly and hoping for a specific result is costly, efficiency is key for everyone no matter the goal, in exercise or health. Therefore, train with purpose not habit.

Have a think about who and what you’re investing time and money into.

In our next article I will discuss a question asked by a follower :

“I play midfield in soccer, this year we have been promoted and I think at this level I’m not as fit or fast as the other guys. How do I get fitter to last the pace for a match” 

Any questions you guys have, send them into info@momentumperformancecork.com.

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