I will be covering numerous topics on Human Physiology, Sport Performance, Strength & Conditioning, Exercise & Nutrition in the coming weeks via articles and videos. All will be analysed in a scientific and methodological manner. In addition, my own opinion will be given to certain topics.

(Email: info@momentumperformancecork.com with any topics you would like to see reviewed)

Warning: A lot of people may be uprooted when finding out their beliefs are based on anecdotal evidence and the marketing ploys of the industry. Similarly PTs, “coaches” and other fitness folk alike may want to have their say to defend their “bro-science” and they’re welcome to their own opinion, just not their own FACTS. 


Some topics that will be reviewed:

Exercise Physiology 

  • What is Exercise Physiology ?
  • Human Performance
  • Clinical Applications
  • Exercise Testing
  • Program prescription
  • Monitoring & Assessing exercise performance.



Strength & Conditioning

  • Exercise Science
  • Exercise Technique
  • Program design
  • Injury Prevention

Sports & Exercise Nutrition

  • Nutritional Ergogenic Aids (Performance Enhancers)
  • Healthy eating/Dense Nutrition
  • Fat Loss/Muscle Gain
  • Performance Nutrition

Sport Specific Training

All Sports.

  • High level athletes’ associated physiological attributes contributing to their success at their given sport.
    • How to acheive these desired attributes through sports specific training.

Example for MMA:

    • Physiological attributes of high level grapplers (Across Judo, Wrestling and BJJ.
    • Physiological attribute of high level strikers (Kickboxing, Muay Thai, Boxing and Taekwondo)

My opinion

  • Today’s health & fitness industry.

  • Cattle market personal trainers.

  • Coaching Vs Instructing.

  • Why most circuit classes make my head spin.
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