Free Home Workout Plan

1: Bodyweight Training Information

All of these workouts can be done without equipment.

  • Information on bodyweight training.
  • How to progress your workouts.
  • How to warm up correctly.


2: Technique

There’s no perfect technique but there is definitely improper technique.

Learn to move with correct mechanics , ensure safety. As a result increase your mobility, stability and strength with more efficiency.

Time and again we hear reports of injuries. Maybe not today but injuries (imbalances, impingement, pulls, tears etc) can be the result of an accumulation of micro-traumas over time. The result of improper technique.

3: Testing

A simple series of tests to establish your current level with regard to bodyweight trainig.

This will help you identify which program is appropriate for you.

4: Workouts

Once you know your level you can begin with day 1.

Ready to get started?